Project Sunshine 2019

26 Nov 2019

November has always been a special month for our group because it is when we usually band together to organize Home visits under Project Sunshine. Members from PPPEA would spend a day in November with the old or infirmed folks in one or more of these Homes, to bring them some cheer, and for us all to enjoy each other’s company.

The Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) looks after and cares for old folks at various stages of dementia. PPPEA members, together with some of the residents in Pasir Panjang, spent half a day with the patients there. We also roped in the band from our neighbour, Breakthrough Missions (the halfway house located at Yew Siang Road), to perform for everyone. 

Gifts, lunches and entertainment were organised by the Sunshine Project subcommittee to bring some cheer to the patients – quite a number of them had already lost contact with their friends and families after years of struggling with this illness. 

PPPEA volunteers and members were given an introductory talk by Ms Tay Suying, AHL Community’s Relations Manager, about the mission of AHL, the nature of dementia and the challenges faced by both the patients and the caregivers. We were shown around the various areas of this Lodge before being introduced to the patients and were able to chat with some of them that were not too advanced in their illness.

The visit was an educational and moving outing for many of the Pasir Panjang residents, who found it helpful and eye-opening in understanding what dementia is about.

PPPEA had originally planned for 2020’s visit to be at the Windsor Convalescent Home at 369 Pasir Panjang Road. Regrettably, our plans had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 restrictions in force, and needless to say, it is also our wish to keep the more vulnerable amongst us safe.

We shall resume such visits again when public health conditions permit. We welcome residents in Pasir Panjang who wish to support our future efforts or to join us on our visits! Simply send us a message here or on FB Messenger/Instagram and we will be in touch.

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