OneMillionTrees @Pasir Panjang

Tree-planting at Pasir Panjang

29 Jan 2022

What a day! Thank you for spending the morning with us helping to green up our little corner here in Pasir Panjang. Together with our Advisor Ms Rachel Ong, fellow residents and PPPEA members helped to plant the following varieties of trees:

8x Garcinia celebica (2-3m)

8x Cratoxylum formosum (2-3m)

8x Memecylon pauciflorum (1.5-2m)

8x Tabernaemontana corymbosa (1.5-2m)

8x Tarenna fragrans (1.5-2m)Let’s watch them grow!

Jointly organised by PA/NParks/NUS Students Against Violation of the Earth (SAVE).

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