Lantern Night 2020

26 Sep 2020

Although Covid-19 limited our celebrations this year to an online event, we were very happy to see enthusiastic residents designing and making lanterns, and interacting through social media. Handsome prizes were won by winners and participants in PPPEA’s Lantern Design contest. This year, in keeping with the spirit of gratitude, we were able to retain some elements of the Mid-Autumn Festival despite the pandemic, while we reminisce about our traditional Lantern Night celebrations….

Traditionally, the PPPEA NC would organize an outdoor community event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. With lantern drawing contests, a lantern walk, games, displays, mooncakes, a variety of food, and live performances on stage, this event has been very popular with both the young and old in our Estate since it was first held in 1997.

Teaching children to make their own colourful lanterns is a bonding affair within the family. Walking together with their handmade lanterns is fun and helps foster relationships among the residents and children in our neighbourhood.

Lantern Walk, especially under the bright full moon is a highlight of this festive celebration in our PPPEA Lantern Night Event.  Enjoying mooncakes and goodies with family and neighbours is a tradition that a child will remember fondly in later years. It is a meaningful tradition that we hope to continue and pass on to the young generations.

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