The Development of Pasir Panjang Linear Park

29 Jun 2021

We have an update on the construction progress of the Pasir Panjang Park! Phase 1, which starts from the Pasir Panjang Food Centre and extends southeast towards Jalan Pelepah, is very near completion and is scheduled to open in October this year. NParks graciously shared these pictures of Phase 1 so far, and it’s exciting to see our park taking shape!

We can look forward to an ochre-toned footpath that will set it apart from the cycling path. There will also be 2 sand play areas for children, and coastal beach trees planted, as a nod to Pasir Panjang’s sandy beach origins. Look out for pieces of history such as old mooring bollards and tyres donated by PSA, repurposed into art installations or put to other creative uses.

We will provide more updates when we have them!

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