The Seafood Place by Chai at Pasir Panjang – Get Fresh!

14 Nov 2020

We are very excited to welcome The Seafood Place by Chai into our midst! This is where you can buy live oysters, fish, prawns, lobsters, crabs and more, and whip up a seafood feast in the comfort of your own kitchen.

They are located at 148F Pasir Panjang Road, along the shophouses right next to Bijou.

The store is helmed by siblings Kris and Tiffany (pictured), whose parents have been in the business of supplying seafood to hotels and restaurants for more than 10 years. The store was officially opened yesterday on the 13th of November, and they are currently giving all walk-in customers a 10% discount.

We saw some very interesting live animals in their tanks today:

  • Mud Crabs from Indonesia
  • Turbot fish from South Korea
  • Abalone from South Africa
  • Pacific Oysters from Canada
  • Bamboo clams hand-picked by divers in Scotland
  • Spiny lobsters from Indonesia/India/Pakistan
  • Flower crabs from Singapore/Malaysia
  • Tiger Prawns from Malaysia
  • -oon Hock fish from Indonesia

There are also freezers with frozen seafood such as salmon and cod frozen at source, scallops and more.

If you feel squeamish about slaughtering the live seafood, there is a processing room where they will do the deed for you after you pick out your purchases – a win-win in our book! So come on down and support this new business in our neighbourhood!

The Seafood Place by Chai
148F Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118553

Besides fresh seafood, there are a couple of interesting finds in Pasir Panjang. These include Pronoia Foods (a small bakery at Viva Vista) and Eat 3 Bowls (a Taiwanese Eatery near the Currency House).

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